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History of the church:

Year 1910 :

Master Baker Mr John Batters and his brother Mr James Batters moves into their newly built bakery. They were the licensed Victualler’s of the bakery. 

19th April 1949- Mr James Batters dies.

Mr John Batters Snr becomes executor of Mr James Batters will. James wife, was Esther Batters nee Acton.

11th October 1949 - Mr John Batters Snr dies.

11th Oct 1949 to 2nd Dec 1949 the building is held in probate.

20th April 1950 both Mr John Batters Jnr and Esther Acton hold the deeds in  partnership together. They  bequeath the building to be used as a local Spiritualist Church.

15th Nov 1962-  the deeds of Northwich Church became held in trust at the SNU Head Office at Arthur Findlay College, Stansted Hall, Stansted, Essex.

The church became known as Northwich SNU Church which it is known as still

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