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northwich snu church Membership

Just a gentle reminder for those that are ‘full’ members your 2021 annual membership of £7.50 is due. You can either pay by cheque making it payable to ‘Northwich Spiritualist Church’ and send it to the church address which is

Hadfield Street




Or if you message me privately I will forward you your address.

Either you can pay it via bank transfer and the details are:


Name:  Northwich Spiritualist Church

Sort code: 40-35-07

A/C no: 81066676

If paying by bank transfer please message me so I know. On receipt of payment in either way I will fill out a receipt for you and send a photo of it to your fb messenger page or if you email me I can send it through via email. I will then forward the hard copy via post to you. I will also place your name in the 2021 church membership book to also verify you have paid.


In these difficult times and with the church shut if you would like to donate money to the church please feel free to do so. Again please let me know if you have, so I can then send a receipt through to you. 


The church now has a new web page for those that do not have facebook or know of people that don’t so they can stay updated with the church news. This is :

If you know of anyone who is ill or in need of support please contact us so we can help them. Take care, stay safe and God bless

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