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NORTHWICH SNU CHURCH NOTICE After receiving the up to date guidance from the Government and the SNU we at Northwich Church will continue with the procedures we have set in place until further notice. When you enter into the church YOUR temperature will be required, (This decision is up to any public place to have this procedure in place). Track and trace will stay in place as will sanitising your hands on entry. Lastly we will require ALL people entering to wear a mask unless exempt. Once you are sat in your chair you may remove it but moving around the church requires you to wear it too. We have posted this to give people the chance to understand and inform the public our procedures will stay in place after the 19th July which is up to the decision of each church or public place. We hope all that are entering will adhere to these procedures for the safety of yourselves and other people. We would hate for the church having to close if the committee become unwell. Everything we do, we do to look after your health and well being and stand by our 5th Principle being Personal Responsibility. We thank you all in advance. The only thing that will change after the 19th July is there will be no need to book a place for a service. We thank you in advance for your understanding and support. Have a lovely weekend. God bless and stay safe 🙏❤️ PUBLIC NOTICE COVID GUIDANCE FROM THE SNU ON THE RELAXING OF THE GOVERNMENTS COVID RULES FROM THE 19TH JULY • Face coverings - While the requirement for face coverings by law has been lifted, the government says that it is “expected and recommended” that people should wear a face covering in crowded public settings (unless exempt.) The Spiritualists’ National Union advises churches to ask visitors to continue to wear face coverings to protect others, particularly in smaller and/or busier spaces. The Chief Medical Officer said they should be worn indoors, in any situation which is crowded, or where people are close together. • Social distancing - The requirement for social distancing has been removed. The government provides “cautious guidance” which means “minimising the number, proximity and duration of social contacts.” The Spiritualists’ National Union advises churches to maintain a space between the speaker(s) of a service and the nearest or front row of seating. Churches may find that maintaining some space between seats will be of comfort to some individuals. Larger churches may wish to adopt a more spacious layout of seating wherever possible, again for the comfort of some individuals. • Rule of Six – The limit of group size that may attend together has been removed. • Lifecycle Events – Limits for numbers attending has been removed. The virus is still prevalent in our communities, and the current wave of infections is expected to rise significantly. It is vital that we continue to make use of hands, space, face and fresh air as much as possible. Keeping doors and windows open is also important. Government contact tracing systems remains in place, and churches should continue to record contact details of those who attend (or use a QR code) as previously advised. As more information is released relating to places of worship, we anticipate being able to provide firm information relating to refreshments, food, singing and in particular how the changes affect healing within churches. OUR RESPONSE As per the SNU Recommendations and your safety, our committee have made the decision to adhere to this advice especially as the numbers of infections are rising and for as long as we feel it is necessary. We will continue to please ask that from the 19th July, face coverings are still worn, unless exempt, Hand gel on entry, social distancing and track and trace kept in place to minimise the risk, Thank you for your understanding. IMPORTANT INFORMATION CONCERNING HEALING . FROM THE SNU HEALING COMMITTEE. The current policy of only distant healing being allowed to be conducted by SNU registered HM’s is to stay in force for the time being. The exception being if the HM and the patient are from the same household or extended social bubble. This policy will be reviewed by the NEC at its first post-AGM meeting being held on the 6th August. Whilst we know that most of the government restrictions are being removed in England from the 19th July, we must continue to act in a responsible manner. Covid has not gone away and at this time where new infections are on the increase we must be patient and only offer either distant or absent healing as our churches reopen A notice will be put up soon on the re -opening of our healing sessions in the Centre, this will be conducted under Covid rules and recommendations from the SNU.

It is hereby given that the
Will be held on
Thursday 29th July 2021
At 7:30 pm
At Hadfield Street, Northwich, CW9 5LU
PLEASE NOTE: Full members who have not paid their Church Membership for 2021 need to pay it before the start of the meeting. Anyone is allowed to attend this meeting to find out what is happening and what the Committee would like to achieve in this forthcoming year. This is your chance as a Member of the Church to put questions to the Committee and have your say. Without you we do not have a church. The Committee look forward to your attendance at this meeting. Please remember to bring your mask with me. Stay safe and God bless



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Dates of events coming up for July and August are:

Saturday 24th July a Special with Monty Havelock a well known Spirit Artist 7:30 pm to 9:30pm. Cost is £5 pp with a £2.50 non-refundable deposit.

Saturday 14th August Day of Readings first readings at 10am and last booking is 3:30pm. Cost is £10 for a 20 minute reading. A £5 non-refundable deposit will be required. The mediums will be:

Naomi Body, Karen Jane O'Neill, Graham Lymer and Michael Shelbourne.

Once church is opened you will be able to speak to a Committee Member to Book yourself in for any of the events. For the time being you can ring the church telephone on 01606 350323 and leave a message or contact Sue on 07454278152.

The Committee look forward to seeing your return. Take care and stay safe .God bless 🙏❤️

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Sue presley

Hi my name is Sue. I’m a mother of 2 grown up girls and one grandson. I’m half English/half American. My father served in the USAF so as a child I lived all over the east and central part of North America and different Counties in England.  I served in the British Army most of my service in Northern Ireland. I was a prison officer in a private prison and then served as a Constable in Cheshire Constabulary until I retired.

I have always been aware of Spirit World even as a child. I first walked into a Spiritualist Church in December 2000. Walking into the church I finally found the answers to my questions and that is was quite normal to see,  hear, feel and have a knowing about those that had passed into Spirit World. I am a qualified spiritual medium having gained my PASS and SD1 and CSNU in S & D with the SNU. I gained many qualifications in my civilian jobs one being instructor/teacher Training Certificate which has helped when teaching people whom wish to learn about our religion, foundation course, taking open circles, workshops and serving other churches as well as our own church. I’m currently training as a trainee spiritual healing medium. On qualifying as a healer I then want to qualify as a healing group leader so I can bring healing back into our church as it’s been over 8 years since healing as been a part of our church and services. Now more than ever healing is needed for anyone or any animal that is brought into the church for healing. Also to train others to become future healers for the church..

I came on to the committee because I care deeply about our religion, our church, it’s members and those whom have never entered a Spiritualist Church before. With the other Committee members whom like myself are volunteers our aim is to keep our lovely church open. I do not expect any of the committee to do anything I wouldn’t do as no one is better than anyone else.  We are trying hard to raise funds as we need to refurbish the church. To promote and encourage others to not only learn about our religion, the SNU but to give them the answers to the questions they have about their loved ones whom have passed to Spirit World and our church being a part of the local community. Giving people peace of mind in the knowing their loved ones are always around. Anyone can become a member of the church and also a committee member once they have done the foundation course and become a full member and more so any volunteers in helping look after the church. We welcome everyone of any religion into the church, from babies up to any age. If we do not have our children growing in the knowledge of our wonderful religion then we have no future. My motto in life has always been
People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did but
People will never forget the way you made them feel

Sue Presley


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