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Enter the church as strangers and leave as Friends, Family of the Church

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Due to unforeseen circumstances please note that Northwich SNU Church will be shut on

Wednesday 6th July 
Thursday 7th July

The church will reopen on Sunday 11th July for the 6:30 Divine Service where Hazel Coombes and Wayne Storey will be taking the service. Thank you in advance 🙏❤️

About us


Sue presley

Hi my name is Sue. I’m a mother of 2 grown up girls and one grandson. I’m half English/half American. My father served in the USAF so as a child I lived all over the east and central part of North America and different Counties in England.  I served in the British Army most of my service in Northern Ireland. I was a prison officer in a private prison and then served as a Constable in Cheshire Constabulary until I retired.

I have always been aware of Spirit World even as a child. I first walked into a Spiritualist Church in December 2000. Walking into the church I finally found the answers to my questions and that is was quite normal to see,  hear, feel and have a knowing about those that had passed into Spirit World. I am a qualified spiritual medium having gained my PASS and SD1 and CSNU in S & D with the SNU. I gained many qualifications in my civilian jobs one being instructor/teacher Training Certificate which has helped when teaching people whom wish to learn about our religion, foundation course, taking open circles, workshops and serving other churches as well as our own church. I’m currently training as a trainee spiritual healing medium. On qualifying as a healer I then want to qualify as a healing group leader so I can bring healing back into our church as it’s been over 8 years since healing as been a part of our church and services. Now more than ever healing is needed for anyone or any animal that is brought into the church for healing. Also to train others to become future healers for the church..

I came on to the committee because I care deeply about our religion, our church, it’s members and those whom have never entered a Spiritualist Church before. With the other Committee members whom like myself are volunteers our aim is to keep our lovely church open. I do not expect any of the committee to do anything I wouldn’t do as no one is better than anyone else.  We are trying hard to raise funds as we need to refurbish the church. To promote and encourage others to not only learn about our religion, the SNU but to give them the answers to the questions they have about their loved ones whom have passed to Spirit World and our church being a part of the local community. Giving people peace of mind in the knowing their loved ones are always around. Anyone can become a member of the church and also a committee member once they have done the foundation course and become a full member and more so any volunteers in helping look after the church. We welcome everyone of any religion into the church, from babies up to any age. If we do not have our children growing in the knowledge of our wonderful religion then we have no future. My motto in life has always been
People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did but
People will never forget the way you made them feel

Sue Presley


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